Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Does the bumper come in special lengths? A: Yes it can be cut in any length this is subject to minimums.
Q:Is there a limit to the length ? A: The lengths are only limited to the shipping problems caused by the size.
Q:Can the bumper be made in different colors? A: Yes this is subject to minimums.
Q:Is the bumper easy to install? A: Yes the handyman can put it up with a hammer and nails.
Q:What is the best way to install the bumper? A: We suggest Stainless Steel screws or aluminum nails.
Q:Does the bumper ripple when coiled in the box? A: Yes but it relaxes once installed and looks great!
Q:What is the life of the bumper? A: In normal use it last up to 10 years or more.
Q:What is normal use? A: We have had it installed in freshwater and salt water environments for over a decade.
Q:How do I order the bumper A: You can call or e-mail and we will walk you through the rest.
Q:Is there special Pricing for contractors? A: Yes call or e-mail for contractor pricing.
Q:Can your company manufacture custom bumper? A: Sure we can! We are a custom extruder! All we need is your drawing!