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Part of being the most reliable, most trusted company in the plastic extrusion industry is being available when our customers and reps need us. At Diversified Plastics, we pride ourselves on our clear communication and fast response time. Send us an e-mail and let us help you solve a problem today.

Diversified Plastics and the company from which it began, Consumer’s Bagging Company, has been in business at the same location in Tuscumbia, AL (birthplace of Helen Keller) since 1926. Throughout the histories of these companies, many different end products have been manufactured. These products ranged from agricultural products to hi-tech ceramic compounds. Throughout all of these years and manufacturing changes our company has stressed high quality, excellent service,and competitive pricing. Now that we have entered the 21st century, we plan on maintaining these principles as the foundation of our daily operations. We have been excelling in the extruded plastic industry for over 40 years now. Call us today and see why we say Diversified Plastics, making the hard to find easy…one custom piece at a time.

We custom design and manufacture extruded plastic shapes. Our specialty is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) extrusions. Many different material formulations allow us to produce shapes with hardness ranging from rigid to soft flexibles. We have the capabilities of processing thermoplastic material other than PVC where quantities involved allow efficient production.

OUR HISTORY: 1926 to 1948

Ware-Fertilizers-1-Diversified-PlasticsWare Brothers Fertilizer

Ware Brothers Fertilizer Company was started in 1926 by N.B.Ware,Sr. and his brother W.A.Ware. Both men were natives of Georgia and graduates of Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Their business grew and they supplied agricultural chemicals to farmers in North Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. The manufacturing plant for their products was located in Tuscumbia, Alabama on the same site that is now Diversified Plastics.

Ware Brothers AgencyWare-Bros-Agency-2-Diversified-Plastics

After several years the company name was changed to Ware Brothers Agency.

In addition to agricultural chemicals, Ware Brothers manufactured and distributed cotton bale covering known as “Bagging and Ties” to cotton ginners over the same area as their chemical products. Cotton was the main crop for farmers in North Alabama at that time and cotton bale covering was essential to the marketing of that crop.

OUR HISTORY: 1948 to 1954

Consumers-Bagging-Co-3-Diversified-PlasticsConsumer’s Bagging Company, Inc.

 In 1948 the company name was changed to Consumer’s Bagging Company since “Bagging and Ties” had become the major product. During the 1940’s, N.B.Ware, Jr. joined the company and he was the director of sales during the 1940’s and early 1950’s. N.B.Ware, Sr. remained as head of the company until his death in 1966. N.B.Ware, III (Nick) joined the company in 1966 as production manager for the Fibroil Gear Plant and Sales Manager for the Bagging operation.

Fibroil Silent Gear WorksFibroil-Silent-Gear-Works-4-Diversified-Plastics

Fibroil Silent Gear Works was started in 1951 as a division of Consumer’s Bagging Co. This plant produced non-metallic gears from compressed cotton fiber. The cotton used in this process was a by-product of the cotton gins, which were plentiful in the area at that time. Gears made by this plant were much quieter than all metal gears and they were used in heavy machinery to reduce the high noise levels. This plant remained in operation until 1986.

OUR HISTORY: 1954 to 1969

Muscle-Shoals-Electrochemical-Corp-5-Diversified-PlasticsMuscle Shoals Electrochemical Corporation

 Muscle Shoals Electrochemical Corporation was started in 1954 on a site adjacent to Consumer’s Bagging Company. This plant produced high temperature ceramic materials, including fused MgO (Magnesium Oxide) and fused Silica. At that time there were only two other plants in the United States producing these materials and the demand was good since fused MgO was used in almost all stove eyes and heating elements. Fused silica was used in many other high temperature applications such as in steel mills and foundries. N.B.Ware, Jr. became President and CEO of this plant in 1965.

Glasrock ProductsGlasrock-Products,Inc-6-Diversified-Plastics

In 1968 Muscle Shoals Electrochemical merged with Glasrock Products based in Atlanta,Georgia. In 1971 the manufacturing operations of the plant were moved to Barton,Alabama. N.B.Ware, Jr. remained at the Tuscumbia plant as Plant Manager and was on the Board of Directors of Glasrock. He resigned from the company in 1969 to start a consulting company called Innoveering.

OUR HISTORY: 1969 to 1986


In the Fall of 1969 N.B.Ware,Jr. and Murray R.Gatten, a registered professional engineer, started Innoveering which was a consulting firm primarily engaged in designing manufacturing plants for the chemical industries.

Clare de Lune PlasticsClare-de-Lune-8-Diversified-Plastics

Clare de Lune plastics was started in the Fall of 1969 by N.B.Ware,Jr., Murray Gatten and N.B.Ware, III. The name began as a joke because Clare de Lune is French for light of the moon and all three men had other jobs at the time. They decided they were “moonlighting”. The first extrusion machine was installed in late 1969 and production began in the first quarter of 1970. The first products produced and marketed were trim moldings used in the manufactured housing industry which was very active in Alabama at that time.

OUR HISTORY: 1986 to Present

Diversified Plastics of Alabama 

In 1986 our company name was changed to Diversified Plastics of Alabama to reflect the diverse nature of all the plastic products we produce and the many different industries we serve. William G.Ware (Bill) joined the company in late 2013 after a career in the United Stated Army. Bill, a fourth generation member of the Ware family is heading up the sales and marketing effort as we continue to grow in the 21st Century. Nick Ware who is President has been with the company since its start in 1969.